Saturday, October 25, 2014

I celebrate our school's production of Aladdin Jr

Yesterday my sister and I and our friends went to see our school's production of Aladdin Jr. We saw a snippet at school and wanted to go see it. The people in the musical were 7th and 8th graders. They did a wonderful job on preforming it. They had to practice really hard to make this musical the way it was. I was really proud of all my friends that put effort in the musical. I was also very proud the person that played princess Jasmine. She had a lot of lines to memorize and all the songs to know. She made the musical even more spectacular. I am very proud of all who participated in it and hope they do just as good tonight.

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  1. Hannah, I see that you appreciate the work that was done to make Aladdin a success. I enjoy musicals too. I hope many people read your blog post. Good job!

  2. Hannah,
    I think it's fun that you celebrated today. I'm glad you've become the kind of writer who stretches things out! Can't wait to read your Healthy Hints post tomorrow!

  3. Hi Hannah, I'm happy you shared the picture too. The costumes and the set looks amazing. My school does musicals (and plays) too, and the kids always love the doing so much. I'll have to tell our drama teacher about this one. He may want to look into doing it another year. Thanks for telling about it!

  4. Hi Hannah, I love, love, love plays of any kind- musical or otherwise. I've always thought I'd like to act in one, but I haven't done it, not yet, anyway! Do you think you will try drama in middle or high school?

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